Outstanding features of Sapo Free Sales management mobile application

With the desire to bring customers complete, user-friendly and professional products, Sapo has upgraded our mobile phone application into 2 separate applications: Sapo POS - Point of Sale and Sapo - Sales Management

Adding new product feature on the free sales management application Sapo

Each product is managed individually on Sapo. Adding new products is one of the first steps in building up your store management data, so upload as many items you can on the app. Currently, Sapo can store information of up to 500 items, so you can comfortably use it.

Return order feature on Sapo free sales management application

On the Sapo application, there is a built-in function to create return orders. In case the customer has purchased and received the goods but then want to return, you should create a return order on the application for easy management later

SKU code setting feature – helping store owners to manage goods effectively on Sapo free sales management application

What is SKU? How to set product’s SKU code to easily find, track, sell and manage products more effectively? These are the questions that shop owners often ask when starting a business. The following article will answer all of the above questions.

SAPO free sales management application - a mini POS system that all merchants should use

After a series of upgrades, Sapo officially launched a free sales management application, running on both iOS and Android. This free sales management software is suitable for everyone who is doing business online, or having stores with less than 500 product codes.