What is SAPO sales
management application?

  • SAPO sales management application will turn your smartphone
    into powerful sales management tool, helping you manage your
    business in a much easier and more convenient way
  • SAPO sales management application is COMPLETELY FREE.
    There is no time limit, and no condition required

What does SAPO sales management application provide?

Let's take a look at the outstanding features of SAPO's free sales management tool

What does SAPO sales management application provide?
Are you looking for an effective sales management
tool for your online Facebook store?

With SAPO sales management application
Manage your online Facebook store better

  • Easily manage messages and comments from different
    Facebook pages in one place

  • Automatically reply to comments and Facebook messages
    using templates. Hide comments with customers' information

  • Help you chat and proceed orders for different customers
    at the same time

  • No longer have to aggregate orders from different fanpages
    and sales channels. SAPO helps you manage all of your orders
    in one system

phần mềm quản lý bán hàng miễn phí
Are you having difficulties managing your inventory?

With SAPO sales management application
Know the exact number of stock in your store

  • SAPO sales management application readily displays the
    number of stocks when you create order, letting you know
    if there are enough stocks for the order

  • Inventory number will be automatically adjusted everytime
    you sell or stock new products: - To help you find out which items are underperforming
    so you can make suitable plan to push sale
    - To alert you on low stock, ensuring that your never run out
    of your top sellers

  • SAPO Mobile App allows you to manage up to 500 products

phần mềm bán hàng trên điện thoại
Managing online order manually using pens&paper
and Excel is time-consuming and prone to error

With SAPO sales management application
Create and manage online orders more easily

  • Create order through 3 steps: choose product, input
    customer information, and complete

  • Manage order details, from customer names, phone number,
    address, product lists,... to exact order quantity

  • You can keep track of the status of your order, whether it's
    processing or completed so that you do not miss any order from

  • Besides, SAPO sales management mobile app can also be
    connected to your receipt printer and help you print out bill
    directly from the app

All reports: inventory, revenue, profit and loss...
are at your fingertips!

Visual chart reports
Visual chart reports

Visual chart reports

The reports are presented in the form of visual, vivid charts,
giving you a comprehensive view of the business situation
as well as easily comparing detailed sales performance
by day, month and year right on the phone

Clear sales report
Clear sales report

Clear sales report

From sales data, Sapo sales management application
will provide overview reporits on inventory, revenue,
profit and loss, products status ...
From there, we help shop owners to accurately track
their business performance

Manage your store 24/7
Manage your store 24/7

Manage your store 24/7

With just one phone with Internet connection, you can
monitor the store's activities anytime, anywhere.
This allows you to be more flexible in other plans,
resulting in higher working efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAPO sales management application completely free?

SAPO sales management application is COMPLETELY FREE, you will not have to pay any kinds of fee to use the application. In addition, SAPO also does not limit the usage time of users

How to start using SAPO?

To start using SAPO sales management application, you just need to go to App Store or Google play on your mobile phone to download the app. After that, following the instruction to set up all required information and start selling. You can download Sapo now here at:

How does SAPO sales management app support you in running your store?

SAPO sales management system offers:
- Product management (product list, properties: color, size, weight, quantity, price...)
- Order management (order list, order status)
- Customer management (phone number, address)
- Input-Output-Inventory management
- Support bill printing