Return order feature on Sapo free sales management application

On the Sapo application, there is a built-in function to create return orders. In case the customer has purchased and received the goods but then want to return, you should create a return order on the application for easy management later. Since the order has been saved in the app previously, creating a return order is also extremely easy. Just take a few steps as follows:

Step 1: Select the order that has been returned

Go to Orders > Order List > Select the order that has been returned

(You use the search bar to quickly find the said order)

Note: Only completed orders can be returned.

Step 2: Create a return note

In the order details, click on the return icon

Step 3: Enter return information


On the return screen:

• Select the order to return: you can return the whole order (click All products) or only some items in the order (click to select the products to be returned).

•Fill in the amount to be returned: by using the + / - sign or enter the number directly in the quantity box

• Enter the amount that has been refunded to customers: click the + icon, then enter the refund amount and select Save


•The refund amount may be less than the amount paid by the customer depending on the store's return policy. If the order is only partly returned, the difference obtained will be recorded into other income in the profit and loss report.

• You can add a reference by clicking the + sign in the corresponding item to support future references.

•Confirm whether the returned goods have been received or not: The default setting is Received (you have received the returned products), so you need to check and adjust the actual receipt status for the returned order.

• Add a note (if needed).

Step 4: Complete

After updating all the information, click Return, at this point, the screen will display the message of successfully creating the return order.

At this step, the order details will display return information, you can click on the order code to view details of the return order.


Above are instructions on Creating return orders on Sapo application. With this feature, you can see all the details of your return orders for that week, month, no need to waste time calculating again because the application already has data available to you. The benefits of creating return orders will help you keep up with product information, thereby giving you the right solutions to limit the number of returns in the future.

For any questions, please contact the call center Line ID @sapo or send to the mailbox: for advice and answers.

Good luck!