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Owen Owen
Using Sapo POS application allows me to manage my store's inventory a lot easier. I can check whether certain product is in stock or not just by checking through the application.


ZAM Luxury ZAM Luxury
I can easily view my revenue report on Sapo to know if the store is selling well, and to compare sales performance between different days in the week, so that I can find a more effective business solution.

ZAM Luxury

Street style Closess Street style Closess
Ever since I started using Sapo application to manage my store, the whole process has become very convenient and simple. Just need to input product information and manage by product code, it is now much easier to control the quantity and price of the product

Street style Closess

Tino menswear Tino menswear
The features of Sapo store management application are very suitable and useful for my fashion shop, making sales and store management much easier.

Tino menswear

Mery mom Mery mom
I have a lot of questions when I first use Sapo, but thanks to the enthusiastic support of Sapo's sales representative, i have gradually become familiar with the systema and manage my store with higher efficiency.

Mery mom

Celena mom Celena mom
The features that Sapo provides are really suitable for the characteristics of my fashion store, helping me to manage a large number of orders, customer information and revenue

Celena mom

Nome Nome
To manage the current products sold at Nome, I have decided to use Sapo store management application. The application helps me to manage inventory, products, orders and customers, and it is very simple and convenient to use


Hibou shop Hibou shop
Sapo POS helps Hibou solve the problems related to packaging, product management, inventory and quickly improve sales efficiency.

Hibou shop

Pali authentic Pali authentic
Sapo has helped Pali Authentic to feel much more secured in selling and managing products. Very simple to use, easy store management

Pali authentic

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