Adding new product feature on the free sales management application Sapo

Each product is managed individually on Sapo. Adding new products is one of the first steps in building up your store management data, so upload as many items you can on the app. Currently, Sapo can store information of up to 500 items, so you can comfortably use it.

To use the Adding new product feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Product> Add product

Step 2: Add product information

a. Update product image, name and SKU code:

• Pictures: Click the photo icon to upload pictures from your phone or take pictures directly from the application

• Product name: Enter your product name

• Product code / SKU: This is an identifier to manage the product. Different products should not have the same SKU codes, and the SKU code must not contain any special characters or spaces. If you leave it blank, the system will generate the SKU code according to its own structure.

• Barcode: Barcode is printed out and pasted on the surface of the product and then read or scanned by devices such as barcode scanner when selling. You should set the barcode to a maximum of 15 characters and a minimum of 5 characters in code 128.

Note: Barcode should not contain special characters and spaces.

Tip: If the product you purchased ralready has a barcode on the product, you can use your phone camera to scan the barcode to enter data in the Barcode box instead of manually inputting it.

• Unit of calculation: is the unit of product such as Piece, Box

• Weight: The weight of the product. Should be entered as gram, as this is required information when you book delivery service from logistics provider

b. Update inventory information, price / tax policies of products

• Beginning inventory: If you already have an initial quantity of stock, update the quantity here

• Cost: If you enter the initial inventory value, you need to add the unit cost of the product here so the system can use it to calculate profit and loss for future store transactions. If you do not update unit cost, the system will record unit cost = 0

Note: Cost will be averaged after each new purchase, so after the first time adding new product, in later purchase orders, the system will base on the value of orders and automatically calculate according to the weighted average method to update cost of products after each purchase

• Retail price: is the selling price of the product

• Wholesale price: is the wholesale price policy

• Purchase price: is the unit purchase price of the product, this will be the suggested purchase price every time you purchase new stock

• Please check or uncheck "Tax applied" depending on management needs

c. Add product properties, conversion units, additional information (if the product doesn't have variation and conversion unit, skip attributes and conversion units part).

Properties: Your product may be available in different sizes, colors or materials. You should create properties to differentiate between different product variation.

Click the “+” icon in the section to add a property:

• Enter an property name

•Fill in property values (Note: property values are separated by commas or “Enter”) For example, you add a new shirt product with sizes S, M, L: you enter the property name as Size (Size) and enter the property values S, M, L

Add a conversion unit: When adding a conversion, you can make purchases or sales of products in different units. You will need to enter the unit of your product first to be able to add a conversion

Example: You want to sell product by box, in which 1 box has 24 pcs  you add the conversion unit as Box and enter the quantity as 24.

Add additional product information: Here, you can add product description, type, and brand information by clicking on the respective item.

If the product category / brand has not been created yet, you can click on the plus icon, to add a new one and immediately select the type / brand.

Step 3: Save / update property information to complete adding new product

After updating the properties, on the product variation screen, select Save to finish adding the product.


With that, you have finished adding products to the store’s management data. All you have to do is on your phone, it's easy, isn't it? Your phone now has become a real "storage", and whenever you sell or purchase new stocks, the information is automatically updated.