Outstanding features of Sapo Free Sales management mobile application

With the desire to bring customers complete, user-friendly and professional products, Sapo has upgraded our mobile phone application into 2 separate applications: Sapo POS - Point of Sale and Sapo - Sales Management

Sapo POS - Point of Sale: With Sapo POS installed on your mobile phone, you can easily sell in store and proceed checkout by scanning products' barcodes and printing receipts

Sapo - Sales Management: This application helps shop owners manage information about their business such as product information, online orders, delivery, debts, sales reports, …

One account can be used for both Sapo POS app and Sapo Sales management app. These two applications are interconnected, making selling and managing sales really convenient for users.

Easy login - users do not have to enter their Sapo site address, they only need to enter their email addresses and respective passwords, or  log in using Google or Facebook account.

1. Sapo POS - Point of Sale application

Sapo POS is an application with specialized features that are optimized for sales operation in store. The sales process includes 3 simple steps:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Payment processing
  • Receipt printing

Outstanding features of Sapo POS - Point of Sale application

1.1. Quick and easy checkout

Now, using only one smartphone pre-installed with Sapo POS: Point of Sale application, you can start selling more easily and professionally

First of all, you can easily add new product to the shopping cart by using your phone camera to scan the product barcode. There is no need for purchasing a separate barcode scanner; you can still checkout products in a very professional way

Next, you can add multiple products to the order at once. This is very convenient for minimarts or fashion store owners, because instead of having to add items one by one manually, you can choose to add multiple items to the order, minimizing the time you have to spend

1.2. Satisfy your customers with seamless shopping experience

With the mission to make selling easier, Sapo POS - Point of Sales is perfectly optimized to give your customers a convenient shopping experience. Imagine, the customer likes a pair of shoes but want to buy a different color, then you would have to go to the warehouse to search? No need to do that! With inventory management feature on Sapo POS app, the app will tell you if a certain product is out of stock, or which size/color is still in stock. Sales staff can respond to customers' questions about product availability immediately without wasting any time or effort.

Does your store have different pricing policies for wholesalers, VIPs or loyal customers, ...? When selling, Sapo POS app will clearly display all pricing policies for staff to choose and calculate suitable prices for customers.

Besides, whether it is old customer or new customer coming to the store for the first time, you can still easily find or add new customer information with just a few taps. The screen displays more information to help employees operate quickly, customers will not have to wait long.

1.3. Professional receipt printing

If you think receipt printing is only availabe in big stores, then you are mistaken! With Sapo POS application installed on your smart phone, you just need to connect your phone to a compact bluetooth printer to start selling professionally like any big store out there without the need for bulky devices.

To set up receipt printing, simply search for your printer's IP address and enter the address into the application to start connecting. In addition, you can also customize the printing template, add or remove information fields on the receipt so that it looks beautiful and best suited to your store.

In a nutshell, Sapo POS app helps store owner to complete over-the-counter sales process in just 10 seconds, from product selection, checkout and receipt printing. In addition, the application is also optimized for other operations such as adding and deleting products, configuring payments, viewing the store's sales report, ... Download the app and explore its attractive features now!

2. Sapo - Sales management application

Sapo - Sales management is an application for shop owners, store managers with powerful management features, in-depth reports, … to help you oversee your business situation

2.1. Smooth and user-friendly interface

Sapo: Sales Management is a sales management application with full features supporting sales operations and store management. The application is designed optimally in terms of interface, giving you a friendly, smooth experience when using.

In addition, order details and delivery order details pages are also designed in a modern and smart way, with key information displayed at the top of the page to help you quickly grasp the status of your order. Information fields such as customer, delivery information, product details, amount, ... are arranged appropriately, helping you to manage as well as to process orders in the fastest way.

2.2. Create and complete online order with 1 simple touch

Instead of having to go through different steps such as placing/approving order, packing, delivery, etc…, you can have a much more simplified online order processing process with Sapo app  

You can approve your order right away or contact delivery service for delivery right after you create the order, so that online orders can be completed with just one touch.

Support selecting multiple items on the screen at the same time

If your store only has few items, you can use the multiple selection feature to make it easier to select products without having to waste time searching for product codes

Support editing item quantity directly in shopping cart to save time

Give warning of low-stock products on shopping cart screen, allowing shop owner / sales staff to inform customers more accurately or place purchase order when needed

The above are the most prominent features on Sapo applications, and there are more to come! If you do not have Sapo application yet, you can download it for free now to experience all features and start selling professionally with just 1 smartphone today!

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