SKU code setting feature – helping store owners to manage goods effectively on Sapo free sales management application

What is SKU? How to set product’s SKU code to easily find, track, sell and manage products more effectively? These are the questions that shop owners often ask when starting a business. The following article will answer all of the above questions.

Main contents

•1. What is SKU?

•2. Why should I use the SKU code setting feature on Sapo apps?

•3. How to set SKU codes for better stock management

•4. Notes on how to set the SKU code

•4.1. Create your own SKU code

•4.2. Sort the information fields in the SKU code

•4.3. Don't include too much information

•4.4. Note the fonts and characters

•4.5. Use software to manage product inventory with SKU code


1. What is SKU Code?

SKU means Stock-Keeping Unit. In inventory management, SKU is a form of convention that helps classify an item for sale, including the specifications and attributes of that product to distinguish it from other products.

What is product SKU? For a product, attributes that can be placed in the SKU include: product type, manufacturer, description, materials, size, color, packaging, and warranties. Therefore, the SKU code is an important element in the inventory and inventory management process.


2. Why should I use the SKU code setting feature on Sapo apps?

It is no coincidence that SKU code is the recommended information field that should be input when adding new product on Sapo. SKU code is not a meaningless sequence, it will help you a lot in the sales and management operations.When enterning the SKU code on Sapo free sales management application, you do not have to copy and record the SKU elsewhere because the application will store the information for you (nearly 500 SKU codes at the same time), so inputting SKU codes on the application will be extremely convenient and fast. Some of the benefits of setting SKU codes are as follows:

• SKU codes help you quickly identify products for sales and manage products better and much easier, in your own way

•The SKU code helps distinguish different product variations

•The SKU code helps distinguish the same product from different sources.

• Avoid products running out of stock or loss in inventory management.

• SKU code helps you manage stocks better when selling omnichannel

• SKU code management is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage stocks for shop or small and medium enterprises because there is no need to invest in hardware

3. How to set SKU codes for better stock management

It is not too complicated to set SKU code, you can use letters or numbers to set the rules to the information that you want to include in the SKU code. Some of the information that you should include in the SKU code are:

• Brands

• Branch

• Product categories

• Type of product

• Product variation

• Size number

• Color


The above information should be placed in a consistent order in the SKU code. The length of the SKU is not limited, as long as you arrange it so that it is easy to understand and remember.

4. Notes on how to set the SKU code

4.1. Create your own SKU code

When a new product is added, if you do not set the SKU code for that product, Sapo application will set the default code for you. Many shop owners are reluctant to set their own SKU codes or set the code by adding prefixes and suffixes to the supplier's SKU code, or even use the supplier's code. The SKU code is the stock management code for internal use, so create your own SKU code for better self-management.

4.2. Sort the information fields in the SKU code

How do I know which information to include in the SKU code? How to arrange so it’s easy to remember? It’s quite simple – just do the same as when you categorize your products

For example, with a laptop, you should start with the product category "Electronics" - E, then move onto product type "Laptop" - denoted L, then the brand. For HP computer, you can use HP, followed by the screen size of 14” denoted 14, finally core i5, denoted as i5 ... Just like that, you will have 1 SKU code for the product. Laptop HP 14 ”core i5 is: ELHP14i5.

It's a good idea to follow the rule of thumb for all SKU codes, from large to small, so it is easy to identify the product when looking at any SKU.

4.3. Do not put too much information


Setting a meaningful SKU code doesn't mean you cram all of the information into the SKU code. In the product information fields, consider which information is most important that can help you distinguish this product from others, then include it in the SKU code. Besides, if you do not want to generate lengthy SKU codes, you should optimize the number of characters for the SKU code when setting the code rules. For example, if you have 9 suppliers, you can define each one as 1 digit in the range 1 to 9 instead of abbreviating the first letter of the supplier's name to a 2-3-character code.

4.4. Note the fonts and characters

In a SKU code string, you should avoid using confusing letters and numbers.

For example: O or 0 (the letter o is capitalized or is the number 0?); I or l (capital i or lower case l?); ... If you must use characters like these you can specify the use of only capital letters in your SKU code, with clearly separated numbers and letters. Example: Instead of setting the SKU code to BlE019, set it to BLE-019, so you won't be confused what numbers or letters it is.

In addition, you should avoid including in the SKU special characters, for example the "/", "&", "@", "#", ... Special characters will make the users confused and easily cause formatting errors when managed by software or files. 4.5. Use software to manage product inventory with SKU code

Of course, you can manage the product SKU by excel file, in Google Sheets ... but managing this way is very time consuming, confusing and difficult for you to oversees the whole sales process.


Sapo free sales management application will be the solution for you to manage products with effective SKU codes. With this management application, not only you can manage product information with fully automated SKU codes, but also manage prices, inventory management ...


It can be seen that the SKU code has a rather important role in the management of stock. With the SKU code setting feature available on the Sapo app, you can instantly generate the code in seconds. Experience it right here!