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Xwatch Xwatch
With Sapo POS application, we do not have to waste time managing the products as well as our customers. Just need to log in to the app then we can keep track of all information related to our sales activities.


My pet My pet
Mypet use Sapo to conveniently and efficiently manage products, inventory, print bills and sell products.

My pet

Isokoma Vietnam Isokoma Vietnam
Whenever there is new product coming to the store, I just need to update directly on the application, then I can manage Import-Export-Inventory details.

Isokoma Vietnam

Mega mart Mega mart
I no longer use pen&paper to manually manage my store. Instead, I use Sapo POS, and everything has become much simplier.

Mega mart

Konni 39 Konni 39
I have to say that Sapo supports me a lot in managing sales information, from inventory, staff, customers to revenues. It's very convenient and easy to use.

Konni 39

Unikary mart Unikary mart
Sapo application has very comprehensive revenue reports, which gives me more detailed information about profits, receipt and payment compared to managing using pen&paper.

Unikary mart

Sapo helps me control thousands of product codes quickly and without missing orders. Since then, I have more time to focus on improving my sales promotion activities.


Tokyo Baby Tokyo Baby
Sapo is a very advanced application with stable server and full features that support products and customers management. I no longer have problem managing procurements, returns or customer information.

Tokyo Baby

Honey Home Honey Home
Managing my online business has become a lot easier and more convenient since I started using Sapo. No more wrong deliveries or missing orders like before..

Honey Home

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