+100,000 businesses, shop owners
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Cox shoes Cox shoes
Sapo helps me manage all product codes, avoid missing orders and allows me to check inventory so that I can plan for additional stock up or promotion

Cox shoes

Smile 212 Smile 212
Sapo helps my business manage all products, branches and staff only with some simple touches on the phone

Smile 212

Pinpoo baby Pinpoo baby
With a few simple steps on Sapo application, I can effectively manage my store. I just need to upload information on the system and my staff already can sell comfortably without making error or worrying about lost goods

Pinpoo baby

Sarang beauty Sarang beauty
With Sapo, I no longer make error when collecting money from customers. The price of each product is saved on the software, thus when there is a buyer, I only need to enter the product information, the system automatically deducts from inventory and calculates revenue for me.

Sarang beauty

Wind&Fin Pet shop Wind&Fin Pet shop
Since I started using the application, managing goods information and goods receipt/delivery has become very simple and easy. Information about the number of products sold and the remaining inventory is updated in details.

Wind&Fin Pet shop

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