Sapo mobile: manage and sell more effectively with hot features

Sapo Mobile is constantly striving to provide the best experience and makes it easier for business owners to service and sell goods than ever before. It therefore brings special features that help owners. Let's watch to see what these features are and how it works for users.

1. Optimize conversation management features on Facebook channel

To help customers optimize operations and use easier, Sapo Mobile has updated the incredibly new special.
When customers successfully link fanpage, the application will synchronize messages and comments from the moment you connect fanpage, from there, the application will:
Support for messaging customers from comment conversations eliminates the risk of missing comments from potential customers.

Allowing to mark the conversation to read and search sample responses with keyboard shortcuts to save time for generic responses
Allows creating chat tags: VIP customers, retail customers, merchants based on needs.
Sapo can also suggest customer addresses when they enter information and when you creat orders from Facebook channel conversations. Saving customer's information is simpler than ever with this utility.
Especially, you can also create an order right in the conversation!
+ Fill customer information
+ Choose product
+ Browse orders
+ Choose payment method
+ Choose a shipping method
=> And done
Orders will be sent to customers by system, and will be updated automatically in the system right after! Now you just need to check the comments / inbox and continue selling, it's simple!

Tips: you can link multiple fan pages on the app and you can switch fanpages easily. Try this feature right here.

2. Allows creating orders at the counter right on the Sapo application

To optimize operations and provide the best experience for our customers, Sapo Mobile has developed the ability to create order at the counter on the application Sapo with the following steps
Step 1:
Open the app and select "login" with:
1. Email
2. Google account
3. Facebook account"
Step 2:
Select the button "Create POS order""
Step 3:
Click cart to select product!
Step 4: Fill in the basic information
- Quantity
- Discount (if any)
- Choose the customer
- Selling price
Step 5: Select a payment method
Sapo supports 4 methods: cash, bank transfer, credit and COD"
Step 6:
Enter the amount given by the customer, the system will automatically calculate the excess money to be returned to the customer, that's done!

Sapo hopes that these special features can help business owners optimize operations, operate and do business more effectively.