Using facebook page management simple and effective

Are you getting bombarded with notifications for your Facebook Pages? What is the best way to use the Facebook page manager?  Sapo will bring to you more useful information to help manage Facebook fanpage quickly and achieve better results.

1. What is facebook page manager? Benefits of using facebook manager?
If your business uses Facebook, you should use facebook page manager. It is an important tool that keeps your Facebook business assets centralized, secure and organized.

When you control your fanpage with such a manager, there will be benefits such as:

  • Quickly create ad campaignsUsing the facebook manager, users can design ads according to a step-by-step process. When creating ads, users just need to choose a marketing target, those who want to reach, where to display and then create ads on this manager in an easy way.

  • Ad management at the same time: Users can edit settings such as customers to reach, budget and ad position on the same ad, as well as create copies of the ad will not waste too much of your time when must control and manage each advertisement separately.

When viewing your ad performance reports and scheduling reports, you can view analytics at the account level to see an overview of the performance of all your high-level campaigns, metrics you need, or create a scheduled report.

Now it will be much easier and faster to control and manage your fanpage, all the information about the page is listed in the site manager, which is very convenient.

2. What is on the facebook page manager?

2.1. Manage information on the page

The Facebook manager has features and modes that help store owners / business owners access and easily perform more effective customer service.

Notification: Notification allows the viewer to know how people interact with the Page, such as the number of comments, likes, shares in the posts on the page. This feature tells you to respond instantly when visitors interact with the Page. Give feedback, help you not miss information, stay away from guest comments.
Settings: You can control who sees the pages and posts, and you can view and edit the list of administrators who can change the information on the Site by role. In addition, you can approve the post before leaving it open to customers, adjust post creation capabilities, and get suggestions from Page followers.
Promote Using: This referral feature, address, phone number, website, etc. It allows you to share important store /  business information such as. Moreover, you can show details such as services, products, menus, prices, events and special offers.


2.2. See effectiveness with detailed information

  • Reach and Interact: You can see the article as well as how many people have liked, shared and commented on it. The information about this metric is updated daily to let you know how the customer is involved. You notice when you create content that what content of the article attracts more customers.
  • Working on a page: See what your customers are doing on your page, such as visiting a website, clicking the call-to-action button ..., which you can use to customize your page to encourage users to take the action you want.
  • Understand the customers: You can better understand the data on the page through customers such as age, gender, and location. You'll also know when people are viewing the page and how they've found that the page serves as a basis for future posts and better sales results.
  • Views on the page: Based on statistics in the manager, you can see how many people are browsing the web and which sections they are browsing. Then use this information to target different audiences of their promotional articles or content based on their interests.
  • Control the number of posts: Look at the distribution of the effectiveness of each article on a page over time, see the number of people that each article hits, as well as the number of people who interacted through clicks and emotions to analyze effectiveness.

3. How to manage Fanpage by Facebook page manager

3.1. Effective management of messages

When managing messages this way, users will know which messages have seen, answered, and also spam, ... so you won't miss a response with customers, so checking the messages will be fast and easy.

How to manage messages on the manager:

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook Page Manager application, then click on the "message" icon below
  • Step 2: Select the "message" on the left side of the screen
  • Step 3: Check the have seen - unanswered messages in this section

3.2. Effective management of comments

This comment management feature lets you link to both your Instagram account, so all comments on Facebook and Instagram pages are managed in one mailbox. This saves you from having to open multiple browsers, omitting customer comments, increasing management efficiency and not wasting much time.
Alternatively, you can also enable / disable comments or disallow some members to comment spam.
How to manage comments by Facebook page manager:

  • Step 1: Go to the application, then click on the icon "Mailbox"
  • Step 2: Then go to the "Comments" section, all comments on the fanpage will be displayed here.
  • Step 3: View customer comments easily on both Facebook and Instagram.

3.3. Effective management of customers

Facebook Manager helps you calculate how many people are accessing posts, post interactions, and new page likes. Then, you can easily follow the development of the Fanpage, thus adjusting the customer approach, adding and innovating article content, images accordingly to increase page engagement.

How to effectively manage customers by Facebook page manager:

  • Step 1: Open the application, select the icon "details"
  • Step 2: See the statistics of customers interacting in each part
  • Step 3: Click to view detailed data analysis details

3.4. Use Sapo facebook management tools

There are many Facebook management software available today that you can try to take advantage of the benefits they give you and help you manage Facebook sales more easily.

Great way to manage Facebook with the Sapo app, making online sales easier

Currently Sapo has launched a free sales management application on mobile phones with the function of linking to the fan page, which is considered one of the highlights of this application. Just connect with your fan page, Sapo sales management app will become a great Facebook management tool that provides all the features you need in one fan page management tool.
Some extremely useful features include:

  • Manage all messages and comments of fanpages on the same screen, making it easy to check which messages have been viewed, which comments have been answered, and avoid wasting time, apart from this.
  • Create custom tags for customers (VIP, wholesaler, retailer) to be able to review the appropriate price policy, to avoid making customers unhappy.
  • Create sample answers easily, include pictures, avoid having to type many same information, now you just need to type in keywords to send a long message with full details for customers. It's make responsing for customers more convenient.
  • In particular, the Sapo sales management application also has a very useful feature that is to create orders right in chat conversations, when chatting with customers, in addition to being able to immediately check the products that customers have request, and then you can also create an order right on the chat. After you create an order, the system will automatically update the sales of that order into the application and will send your customers online bill to check information.

Try to experience Sapo's free fanpage management tool right here to make your online sales smoother and easier! 

Here are Sapo's basic instructions on how to use Facebook fanpage managers, hopefully with this share you can ask for simplier and easier management of your fanpage.