Selling on mobile phones: How to understand and utilize it correctly?

Sapo has accompanied with VECOM, Zalo Business, Lazada to organize MEDay (Mobile Ecommerce Day) 2018 event with the theme "Selling on mobile: Understanding correctly and making standards". This is an annual special event on e-commerce (e-commerce) on mobile organized by Sapo to update the latest trends and experiences when selling on mobile.

Sapo employees at MEDay

Sapo employees at MEDay

According to the statistics on the system of more than 33,000 customers’ websites of Sapo Web, more than 60% of the website's access is from mobile devices (up 5% compared to last year), the rest are desktop and tablet.

The latest iPrice report also shows that the growth in mobile traffic in Southeast Asia in general continues to increase strongly. In the past year, mobile visits recorded an average growth of 19%, accounting for 72% of total visits of e-commerce sites.

However, the sad fact is that despite the rapid growth of mobile traffic with the increasing support of mobile shopping apps, the conversion rate of mobile devices is still far behind compared to PC.

Iprice has reported that the average conversion rate on PC is 1.7 times higher than on mobile devices. Plus, shopping cart value based on conversion rate shows that PC orders are still valued higher on mobile, with a difference of between 8% and 20%.

Mr. Tran Trong Tuyen - CEO of Sapo, shared: “A lot of businesses are still losing a large amount of revenue because they have not paid attention to, or do not know what to do to improve shopping experience and conversion optimization on mobile phone. What businesses need to do is understand consumer behavior and take advantage of features and applications to optimize mobile advertising and sales. Do not hesitate to accept new challenges to gain strength ”.