How to manage the Facebook Pages effectively

Do you manage at least one Facebook business page? Do you use all the admin features? Facebook pages contain many tools to help marketers and business owners make the most of their business assets.
In this article, I will share how to use Facebook's features, tools and settings to effectively manage your business page.

1. What is Facebook page management?

Managing a Facebook page is a way to maintain and develop effective fanpage to increase customer interaction and attract potential customers.
The task of the fanpage administrator is to find and create more content, update product information every day, check and respond to customers through email inboxes and comments...
Managing this Facebook fanpage will help you consolidate your business and promote your business better.

Manage facebook page

2. Why need to manage Facebook page?

2.1. Increase interaction with customers

Facebook has become a part of the life of the vast majority of customers. They communicate with each other, chat and perform many transactions directly on this social networking site.
In addition, unlike a personal Facebook page, the brand fanpage allows visitors to access without logging in. So this is the power that helps your business reach more customers, increase interaction with them and bring your products closer to them.
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2.2. Convey quality to customers

The Facebook fan page helps you reach many customers, so when you manage the fan page effectively, when you bring good and impressive content about the product, when you convey the message of the product to the customers, it helps customers understand your “Brand story” which leads them to them. Increasing purchases and sales for your store.
The message of a brand and product has a very strong effect on the emotional, shopping orientation of the customer, helping them understand the importance of the product and remember your brand better.

2.3. Save on marketing costs

While managing your Facebook page and creating great content, you don't need to spend a lot of money running ads due to the inclusion of quality content that helps you a lot in marketing - communication.
When managing a professional fan page, you will have a good marketing strategy from tracking behavior, reaching and interacting with customers with the tools Facebook provides, this will be a solution to help you optimize advertising costs.

Save marketing costs when managing Facebook fan pages effectively

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2.4. Easy to manage anytime, anywhere

Facebook allows users to connect with many smart devices, phones, computers, tablets, ... so when creating a Facebook account, you can manage facebook fanpage on the computer or manage it on the phone.
From Checking Statistical Reports to responding to messages and commenting with customers, you can do it anytime, anywhere without worrying about missing orders or customer information.

3. 5 ways to manage Facebook pages effectively

As you can see, the Facebook fanpage makes your business more convenient, so to effectively enjoy the fanpage, you need to know how to manage the Facebook fanpage properly.

3.1. Manage Facebook fanpage names

If you want to sell goods effectively on Facebook, the name Fanpage is one of the factors that determine your reputation with customers. Choosing the right page title and renaming the page does not affect the interaction, it is very important to focus.
The name fanpage is an element that displays the brand and item you trade to help customers immediately realize that the product you are providing has a very important footprint, so you must. consider carefully before deciding to set up or rename the page.
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3.2. Content production management

One of the effective ways to manage Facebook fanpage is to manage content production. Content posted on fanpage is a way for you to provide customers with product information and news.
Content management will be a way to attract customers, quickly update customer information and, most importantly, measure customer interaction on your fanpage.
You should also focus on scheduling the time for posting, categorizing the content of the post on the fanpage, ... this has a very important impact on quality and helps to manage the fanpage more efficiently.

Up content periodically facebook fanpage

3.3. Manage comments on fanpage

Customer comments on your sales fan page are also an important factor that you should manage well. Currently, in a highly competitive business situation, competitors will always "stalk" to rob your customers.
In the event that customers leave their phone numbers and personal information, if you do not manage this information well and hide it quickly, the rate of losing customers to competitors is very high.

3.4. Manage fanpage messages

When a customer sends a message to a fanpage asking about a product, you can immediately respond to it on the administration page. These messages should be answered quickly and completely.
Message management is a way not to miss customers, which will lead to an unexpected loss of customers. Especially for store owners who sell on many fan sites, the possibility of missing customer messages is very high if they are not properly controlled and managed.
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3.5. Sapo - Management Tools

The 5th way to effectively manage Facebook pages is to use a tool, also known as a fan page management app, to manage the fan page quickly and easily.

Today, there are many facebook management software that you can apply to take advantage of this manager to help you manage sales on facebook more easily.

A great way to manage Facebook with the Sapo app, making online sales easier

Currently, Sapo has launched a free sales management application on mobile phones with the function of connecting to fanpage which is considered one of the highlights of this application. Just connect to your Fanpage, the Sapo sales management application will become a great Facebook management tool, providing all the features you need in one fanpage management tool.
Some extremely useful features include

  • Manage all posts, fanpage comments on the same screen, help you easily check posts you viewed, comments you replied to, save time wasting.
  • Creating customer group tags for your customers so that you can revise your pricing policy appropriately, to avoid making customers unhappy.
  • Creating sample answer template easily, include pictures, avoid having to type many same information, now you just need to type in keywords to send a long message with full details for customers already.
  • In particular, the Sapo sales management application also has a very useful feature which is to create orders directly in chat conversations, during discussions with customers, in addition to being able to immediately check the products requested by the customer. customer. After all, you can also create orders immediately after the order is closed by the customer, after creating the order, the system will automatically update the sales of the order in the app and send the customer an invoice online. To check the order information, it's convenient and professional, right?

Try to experience Sapo's free fan page management tool here to make your online sales smoother and easier!
Above are 5 effective ways to manage Facebook Pages that you can take advantage of to manage your Fan Page to increase interaction with customers, making your online sales more effective.