How to Boost Company Productivity by Naming a Good Pag

Today, Facebook Fanpages are a common online sales channel, but naming a good page that will attract customers and help them connect with the shop's products and services is a challenge for many shop owners.
So, this article will show you how to name a fanpage that's appropriate for your store.

1. Why should the good page be named?
Many online shops are now selling on Facebook, but the competition for doing business on this platform is fierce. A good facebook name is an incredibly important element to impress consumers, make them remember your brand, and make it easy for them to find your product.

The shop's stunning, interesting, and exclusive fanpage page name will carry benefits such as:
Customers will remember the store's name.
Clearly communicate facts about the shop, store, etc. to the readers right away.
Make a difference and avoid being lost in a sea of other shop fanpages.

2. The key to naming a good Facebook page
Before naming your Facebook fanpage to achieve the desired effect, keep the following details in mind:
It's not a good idea to name a fan page like a website.

If you already have a website and a well-known brand, naming the fanpage after the website would be fitting. If you're a new company, the fanpage name should be exclusive and appealing to customers.
Using the website's name to name the fanpage would give the impression of commercialization rather than intimacy, which will make consumers wary of purchasing your store's goods.
Avoid using generic names

Many fan pages have common names, such as phone accessories, imported clothing, etc. Since there are so many rivals with similar names, the customers will be confused and won't know the shop's name.

Don't limit yourself to brand names and personal names.

A successful and appropriate Facebook name does not include any brand name because this is difficult to achieve. Shoppers must know what you do or they will pass you by.
Furthermore, when searching for a product, customers often type in the product name. Customers are unable to find you if your fanpage does not include the name of the product you are selling.

3. Rules for naming a fan page and attracting visitors
3.1. Follow the "golden" rule
You may use the following rule to name your fanpage: "Item + Brand name / Shop name." Customers can easily find your shop using Facebook's search system, and they can also gather knowledge about your product and brand using this naming tool.

3.2. The name of Facebook clearly identifies the industry and sector
The fanpage name will be bold, with a larger font size than the caption below, while consumers are browsing Facebook and encountering advertisements that increase your fanpage likes; the fact that users just look at the name to know what you offer will make them choose whether or not to press on the fanpage.
Increase the rate of customers visiting your fanpage, optimize advertisement costs, and increase conversion rates by clearly displaying the fanpage content. What could be more appealing than that?

3.3. The name includes a positive words that defines the product favorably
The following rule for naming your Facebook page or brand is: Brand name + highlights of services and products. It can also be used to highlight the brand name of your product with a featured short summary.
Example: BHome - Smart furniture for every family

3.4. Differentiating variables should be included in the fanpage name
With a sea of competitor fanpages, you can add your brand name to stand out. It's best to keep the brand name brief and easy to remember so that consumers can find you.
3.5. The name includes a keyword with a large number of searches
Your Fanpage, in addition to having a strong and memorable name, must appear at the top of search results, which means it must appear for keywords with a large search volume of users. You can use analytics to determine which keywords are the most common and applicable to your product, and then include them in the page name.

Customers will also select the first results they see while searching for products on Facebook; if your page appears at the top, the rate of them visiting your fanpage will be higher, as will the likelihood of them buying anything. so that you can get more customers.
4. Note when naming your fanpage
The name of the Facebook page must correctly reflect the page; keep in mind that only approved members will run the Site. The following elements must not be used in the page's name:
The words or phrases can be insulting or infringe on the rights of others.
Capitalization is not appropriate; the page name must use grammatically proper capitalization and must not capitalize any letters, with the exception of acronyms.
Không cần ký hiệu (ví dụ: ®) hoặc dấu chấm câu
Long definitions for example, have slogans. This details can be added to the About Site segment by site managers.
Any form of the term "Facebook."
Terms that are misleading. If the fanpage is not the official page of a company, place, entity, or public figure, the page name does not cause people to believe it is an official page or a page represented by an individual authorization by administration

Above is the trick to creating a strong page name and making an impact to help you attract customers and make them remember the brand, the product for which you are doing business. Try these ideas for naming your Facebook fanpage.