Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Facebook is an effective way for small business owners to communicate with their customers in a cost-effective way. The mass appeal - since 2012 - of this social networking platform, many small business owners feel they need to be present on the web to stay competitive.

While social media marketing has certain benefits, marketing your business on Facebook also has a number of disadvantages. There are some mistake of Facebook marketing that we should avoid.

1. Posting less content and inconsistently
By inconsistent and inappropriate posting on Facebook, you will tell your audience: "Dear customer, we have our hands full with more important things, so we don't have time to be human and inform you about us". The reach of organic Facebook pages is declining. Engagement should be a priority now more than ever.

Before publishing on your fanpage or personal page, make sure that the post has interesting content, easily visible and impressive illustrations, avoid colorful, short descriptions, the right topic and don't "miss" too much.

In addition to caring for content, the layout of your fanpage or personal site is also a factor for others to evaluate your product and professional level. Imagine a fanpage full of ads, spam posts, spam, no matter who believes in what this fanpage publishes. Taking care of your content also takes care of your face on Facebook.
2. Self promote too much when Marketing Facebook
When marketing Facebook , keep in mind that people follow your fan page for useful information, not listening to you praise yourself all day. Sure, you're running a marketing campaign, promoting your product, but stop there, without talking too much, that just bores the follower and thinks you're talking.

Don't deny that there are many people using self-promotion tactics these days to attract followers, and if they do, why you can't. Remember, what you need is for someone to come and buy your product, because they were impressed and believed in you, you need a bad reputation, not a reputation. There is nothing more valuable in business than reputation!
Talking less and doing more is the best way to make your marketing campaign effective.

3. Just Keep and Respond to Positive Feedback
As stated above, reputation is very important in business, no one wants them or their products to be criticized or belittled. But excluding bad reviews sometimes doesn't work if you keep only the good. There is a saying: it is imperfect because it is so perfect. What this means is that something absolutely incredible only increases one's insecurity.

Therefore, in the feedback comments of your followers on your fan page or personal page, you should retract and carefully reply to any serious comments that are malicious, intentionally offensive or that are commenting to you.
4. Posting occasionally
Now, the last mistake which you can do is to not post frequently. No matter how good you have created the page, if you aren’t posting frequently, it’s a sheer waste. You need to make a social calendar and adhere to the frequency, timings, and relevant content.

Facebook is a potential market so we should use of the opportunities it offers to implement your Facebook marketing strategy. Let's start marketing on Facebook to win the hearts of customers. For effective Facebook marketing, don't ignore the useful information provided by Sapo.