9 tips for effective fanpage management

With the rapid development rate, Facebook social network is an extremely convenient tool for businesses, but not everyone knows how to take advantage and achieve it. To be able to sell goods online on Facebook effectively, you first need to know how to manage fanpage effectively. This article will share fanpage management tips and mistakes that you should not make.

1. Tips for effective fanpage management
If you master these 9 tips, I am sure that you will be very successful in taking care of your facebook fanpage.

1.1. Often post new articles when managing Fanpage

To have an active Facebook page and get lots of viewers, you need to post regularly. Usually you need to post at least once a day. It's best to check your post frequency and see when posts get the most engagement from viewers.

1.2. Plan content for each month

It's important that your content is relevant and up-to-date, and that specific news or updates are also attracted. Planning content before managing a Facebook page will save you time and give you time to work more thoughtfully and strategically on each of your posts.

Take a few hours each month to plan the article for the next month, remember that you can add content anytime throughout the month. Follow the 80/20 principle with 80% of your business content and 20% indirect content, which means 20% of the content is for linked third parties. This helps both to build a real community and to create good relationships with partners, businesses and other organizations.

1.3. Take advantage of scheduling feature post on Fanpage.

Fanpage provides us with a very useful post-planning feature. You can schedule your posts by clicking on the clock in the left corner of the mailbox. With this feature, you can schedule posts for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year if you have prepared the content.

However, this does not mean that you plan the contribution for a longer period of time and leave it alone at all times. You must also pay attention to your contributions on the guidance of the fanpage so that you can make appropriate adjustments if the content of the contribution does not correspond to the actual circumstances at the time of publication of the article. Many large brands had problems in this regard, not paying attention to what they expected.

You need to make the most of your fanpage posting plan. For example, you plan a post for the weekend as follows: Have a nice weekend, go camping and enjoy wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Unfortunately, the whole city rained heavily that weekend and many people even died when they were swept away by a large stream of water.

Surely you can also imagine how the viewers will react if your post is published according to the plan you have prepared.

Therefore, it is important to pay some attention to your contributions due to contextual adjustments.

1.4. Create periodic content

A certain recurring content will be published on a specific day of the week, month or year. For example: the fan of the week, the products featured in the month or the gifts of the month,…These will help create the fans' expectation and enthusiasm, creating a long-term connection of the fan.

1.5. Develop team content

Categorizing the content and mixing them appropriately will make your article richer and more engaging. Engagement, advertising, culture, and news are usually the types of content that are good for most businesses. Here are some common examples for each type of content:

- Participation: posts that will be liked, commented on, and shared by fans. Usually they take the form of questions, jokes or maxims, philosophies, good lessons in life.

- Promotion: promotional news of your business to help the connection as well as increase sales

- Culture: sharing the culture of the business, promotion policies, training, relaxation, travel or the employee's good feelings will help build a good reputation for the business.

- News: the latest news of your company or related industry is also content that attracts the community.

1.6. Using Images

The beautiful image is an important factor in attracting fans. Eye-catching avatar and cover timeline are a must have for your fanpage. Its function is to promote the brand, the image of the company and the highlight to create an impression among the viewers.

The post also requires accompanying images to help your content easily pass into the minds of fans and stay longer, it also stimulates more likes and sharing.

1.7. Maintain participation

Take the time saved by scheduling posts to become more involved on the Fan Page by responding to fan comments, sometimes also seen as online support when fans have questions. It helps your fans feel taken care of and creates a lasting interaction and connection with fans.

Besides, participate in comments and discussions on other fan pages to increase your presence and brand on the social networking community.

1.8. Analysis and optimization

Facebook Insights provides administrators with valuable content data. At a minimum, report monthly on your site and publish data to help you understand how people engage with your site, which helps you see which topics, content, or categories are the best active moves. Leverage this data for content planning for the coming months.

Content evaluation analysis to be able to improve for the next post

1.9. Interaction with customers

Just like part 7, but we need to pay more attention to interact with customers. You should regularly reply to comments, reply to the inbox fanpage, but the reply should use beautiful language to give your followers a sense of closeness and from there they will listen and often share the content. you share on fanpage.

By planning content, posting regularly, engaging, and measuring results, you can completely maximize your business's high visibility on Facebook. Don't be afraid to talk about your business personality, it also helps the community understand your business better. Open and friendly, you will gain great feelings from the community.

Apart from understanding fanpage tips and handling, there are also some mistakes that you should avoid that are not there. So many businesses and sellers on Facebook also encounter many unnecessary mistakes in the process of finding customers on social media. These mistakes not only cost you potential customers, but also cause you to lose existing customers.

2. 5 common mistakes to avoid when managing fanpage
Below I will show you 5 most common mistakes when managing fanpage that many small businesses and sellers are facing.

2.1. No customer-centric

Talking about yourself is one of the biggest mistakes people can make in communication. Many fanpage administrators even post their own errors on social networks. Instead of seeing customers as the center, becoming part of a community of people who already use their products, many businesses value and talk more about their products and ignore opinions. think of customers.

Facebook is a community, and the most important point of a community is trust and sincerity. So I can say that if you don't know how to care about your customers and don't share with each other honestly, they'll realize it sooner or later. By watching and listening, you will know where your customers are going, what to do and what they think about your product.

In summary: When you create content for your fanpage, it's important to keep in mind that it's always customer-oriented. Talk about them and listen to them. You always say the customer is a god, then let god be truly god.

2.2. Regardless of brand personality

Many small businesses overlook the importance of keeping the image of the Facebook page in line with the corporate culture and the nature of the products and customers. The fan page and other social networking channels for a business can be thought of as a face or a voice for a person, this is where you show your personality.

So when creating unique content to post or when you interact with customers, is a way of managing the page on facebook, the administrator should not forget to show his personality and note that he must know how to behave like how to match. For example, if your business is aimed at middle-aged customers, it is not possible to show your teenage personality and way of talking. Your customers will immediately think that this brand cannot be trusted, not serious at all. Here is an example of how to present a playful, youthful image that is very suitable for customers.

In summary: Define for your brand a personality on social networks to suit your product and target audience.

2.3. Don't use Facebook Ads!

Having been in business on Facebook for a long time, many people still have in their minds the naive idea that Facebook is completely free. So every time they hear paying to advertise on Facebook, they get scared! Most admins want to create a fan page for themselves just to advertise for free. But in the current situation, the reach of a fan page is probably only equal to the number of customers searching for your brand on Facebook.

Therefore, running Facebook ads is not only a very smart choice, but if you don't use it, you will already be missing out on a great opportunity. The world's largest social network has created a very powerful platform to help businesses grow their list of potential customers. Typically, you can locate your customers by their preferences, location, and buying habits.

Facebook business should join Facebook Ads

Without the Facebook ad, the Starbucks ad above would not have had the same amount of engagement!

In summary: if you're already doing business on Facebook, find out for yourself the secrets of Facebook advertising how to maximize the effectiveness of your fanpage channel. Don't let the content you spend on your mind go to waste because it doesn't reach customers.

2.4. No content creation!

All the giant corporations in the world had to start somewhere. Amazon started in a garage, Facebook started in a college dorm, and your business started from the bottom as well. Growth is something every entrepreneur should want for their business - growing your business is a sign of success. But growing businesses isn't a walk in the park - you need to take a close look at the steps needed to impact your audience and keep them coming back again and again.

Creating website content is the superpower of your business. Commerce today is entirely online - even physical stores are benefiting from the e-commerce boom. Your business website should be well designed with all the right content to reach your audience, providing the information they need to become a loyal customer.

 It is guaranteed that if consumers cannot find the content they are looking for on your business website, there are countless alternatives that can answer their questions and earn their business. Invest in your content and you will see clear benefits for growing your business.

In summary: Please take the time to think and test different content. If the pictures you post are not getting your customers' attention, try another way of posting videos. Try creating infographics, try writing poetry, constantly create with GIFs to see what types of content customers love the most.

2.5. Don't use Facebook tools

Most of the small operating businesses are only familiar with the tools available like fan page management software, mobile fan page management provided by Facebook, so they often run into a lot of problems and inhibit them when Facebook himself was not able to resolve. One example: Facebook's current mechanism causes many stores to miss customer comments or posts. Each of these comments or messages may be an order you may have missed. Another common problem is that if you have a lot of social networks or a lot of fan pages, managing the content of those channels can be a lot of work and a lot of work.

There are many Facebook management software available today that you can try to take advantage of the benefits they give you and help you manage Facebook sales more easily.
Currently Sapo has launched a free sales management application on mobile phones with the function of linking to the fan page, which is considered one of the highlights of this application. Just connect with your fan page, Sapo sales management app will become a great Facebook management tool that provides all the features you need in one fan page management tool.
Some extremely useful features include:

  • Manage all messages and comments of fanpages on the same screen, making it easy to check which messages have been viewed, which comments have been answered, and avoid wasting time, apart from this.
  • Create custom tags for customers (VIP, wholesaler, retailer) to be able to review the appropriate price policy, to avoid making customers unhappy.
  • Create sample answers easily, include pictures, avoid having to type many same information, now you just need to type in keywords to send a long message with full details for customers. It's make responsing for customers more convenient.
  • In particular, the Sapo sales management application also has a very useful feature that is to create orders right in chat conversations, when chatting with customers, in addition to being able to immediately check the products that customers have request, and then you can also create an order right on the chat. After you create an order, the system will automatically update the sales of that order into the application and will send your customers online bill to check information.

Try to experience Sapo's free fanpage management tool right here to make your online sales smoother and easier! 

A great way to manage Facebook with the Sapo app, making online sales easier

There are many other useful tools that we cannot fully mention in the content of an article, you can find out for yourself.

In summary: Learn how to use the tools to outdo your competitors and be more productive. If something goes wrong, use the tools, save time and money to invest in your business.

The above are tips on how you can effectively manage your fanpage on Facebook. However, for the business's social media strategy to be effective, you need to have a reasonable plan to promote the fan page to the public, as well as knowing how to use the fan page and turn it into an effective sales channel.