12 forms of advertising on Facebook Latest 2021

The most popular forms of advertising on Facebook today? What types of Facebook ads are used the most? What is click-to-web Facebook advertising? Find out 12 forms of advertising on Facebook immediately in this article with Sapo.
1. Carousel Ads
Carousel ads - also known as multi-product or multi-image ads - are a format option available for Facebook and Instagram news feed ads that allow advertisers to display multiple slides that contain images, videos, text and links in an ad unit. They have a great track record for driving good results and can be used to accomplish a large number of different goals.

What is better than being able to create an advertising campaign that is closely linked and shows the overall idea, not just a specific product or service.

While Facebook picture carousel ads are already effective in increasing engagement and increasing website traffic, Facebook video carousel ads offer you creative flexibility to take advantage of the most engaging, powerful Facebook in-feed ad format. Their ability to add motion and sound naturally stops them from scrolling further, which helps you browse more of your message.
Design specifications:
Sharp image size 600 × 600;
The trailer is about 90 characters
The title is about 25 characters
Product or service descriptions are approximately 30 characters.

Try once to experience this form of advertising on Facebook, you will feel the difference and effectiveness that it brings to your business.
2. Dynamic product ads
DPA - or Dynamic Product Ads - are ads personalized according to each consumer's data: making them significantly more useful, acclaimed, and significantly more effective.
DPA is programmatically aggregated in real time - using all the relevant data you have about consumers to effectively personalize your ads. For example, if a user browses through your running shoe collection before closing the app, DPA displays your running shoes at some stage encouraging them to continue where they left off. Here are some of the advantages of this type of Facebook advertising:
"High Relevance - Ads shown show only products that potential buyers are interested in.
Scalability - Reduce the workload by creating multiple ad units for all products/product lines."
Device targeting - With an ad format, advertisers can now target customers on Desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets.

Dynamic product ads are a form of Facebook advertising with a high conversion rate
Up-selling and Cross-Selling  - You can target users who have purchased an item from one set of products and bundled items from another category. In addition, with this ad format, advertisers can promote products with higher profits.

Specifically, with dynamic product ads, you just need to create a simple Facebook ad without having to add the product name, description, id number, landing page or image URL, because Facebook will collect itself. enter the information and complete it for you.
On the other hand, once a product no longer exists in stock on the site, Facebook will automatically stop serving advertisements for that product, thus avoiding the case of unhappy users because they do not believe in the destination of the product. . that interests them.

3. Featured videos
Usually, “About” pages that provide information about businesses on Facebook are often left in the static form with only text and data. This is one of the reasons why users are not interested and want to visit your sales site.
Instead, creating highlights by putting together promotional videos, event videos, or different videos will increase the business's brand awareness. Because like pictures, videos get more attention than scrollbars on Facebook.


On the other hand, featured videos can be easily renamed, and after they are posted on Facebook you can post them on your blog, YouTube channel, or share on other websites or platforms.
4. Facebook Leads Ads
In a previous article we've introduced and Installation Guide advertisement Facebook Leads. If you're collecting information or faster customer survey, this is the most appropriate method.
Introduced in 2015, this ad, unlike many previous types of Facebook ads, users do not need to leave Facebook to fill out forms. With Facebook Leader Ads, when a user clicks on Call To Action, a form will appear for the user to fill in the information without having to switch to another intermediate page.

With this Facebook ad type, you can quickly get a list of email addresses from potential customers, even many other communication tools. With this information, you will easily create maintenance and recommendation policies for both new and old customers, thereby encouraging them to visit your website.
Facebook lead advertising is one of the forms of Facebook advertising
The great thing is that with Facebook ads, users do not need to switch to a new link to fill in information, and they can enter data simply and quickly without the hassle of information surveys. 

5. Abandoned Cart Ads
Did you know that 68.63% of people give up shopping carts when shopping on shopping websites. That means that for every 10 people who go to the website and choose the product, nearly 7 people quit their job in the middle and don't pay.
So how to persuade them to return to your website to complete the purchase here? Email? Unfortunately, statistically, only 10% of customers don't buy a product that gives you an email address, so this classic approach is almost helpless.


Luckily, you can run several types of personalities-targeted Facebook ads to address this issue. Such advertisements often have content to encourage customers with some programs such as free shipping, 10% discount, ...

6. Event Response
Facebook Event Response ads help you get more people through the door for your event, including concerts, standup comedy, educational workshops, bootcamps and more. The ads allow you to create an event and target your desired audience directly from your Facebook event page and promote it with photo or video
Event response ads help you raise awareness for your event, invite your target audience, offer them a simple way to attend the event, and keep track of how many people responded to your invitation. This type of ad appears in the Facebook feed on both desktop and mobile devices, and the ad unit mimics a typical Facebook event asking users to click "go" to "interested" or "RSVP" for an event.
Ads link directly to the event page and invite from the news feed. And since ads are promoted from the event page, it looks more like a boosted post than a typical ad, which helps with click through rate.

7. Domain Ads
These ads are the standard solution for advertisers. They run on the right hand side of the screen on any Facebook page. This type of had can have a maximum of 25 characters for the title and 90 characters for the body. Images are limited to just 99 x 72 pixels, so keep an eye out for readability, if you're going to put some call-to-action in the image.
When users click on this type of ad, they will be redirected directly to the web or fanpage, quickly increasing traffic and likes. In addition, your ad will appear in all three positions: on the timeline, in the right-hand column, and on mobile devices, so it is used by many people. You can freely modify the message, the description line when adding a link, to make it more attractive to attract users. The price you have to pay will be per click, CPC (cost-per-click) type.
Disadvantages: Ads for the domain appear only in the right column, they are not supported on mobile devices.
Benefits: The price is cheaper than other types of ads.

8. Multi Products
In the past when we would advertise as Click to Website or Website Conversion, in 1 post we would only use one image, but the latest features added by Facebook will allow us to add multiple images. of products at a time. And each image can also be linked to a different destination url. People who would like this feature are likely to be a full owner of the online store Since many products can be published at once, customers click or scroll left with their fingers. like a good online catalog.

Click to Web Facebook Multi Products advertising is a form of Facebook advertising
With this Facebook ad format, your sales performance on Facebook is doubled because you can advertise 5 product images on the same sales listing template. Each image has a detailed description of the product.
Preliminary results and case studies show that Multi-Product Ads lead to above-average click-through rates and below average cost-per-click. For example, e-commerce company Nomorerack used Multi-Product Ads and saw click-through rates increase by up to 42% and cost per acquisition dropped between 42% and 45%.

9. Page Likes ads
A Page Likes ads isn't much different from a domain name ad. However, their purpose is to direct Facebook users to a Facebook Page, App or Event instead of external domains. Specifications that are no different from a domain ad, except the headline, cannot be edited as it corresponds to the name of the Facebook Page, App or Event you're promoting. This is limited to 35 characters.

For those who define a long-term, systematic sale and want to build a solid reputation. Back then, the first problem they had to solve was getting more people to know about the fanpage, and Facebook launched a kind of Page Likes ad for online store owners.

Page Likes Ads are one of the most popular types of Facebook ads
This ads include a direct link to the Fanpage and a "Like Page" button, users can directly click Like or visit your Fanpage to find out.

This form of Facebook advertising is often used by newly established Fan Pages to increase Likes, attract attention from users, and then carry out other marketing or sales campaigns. Ads like pages that show on both the timeline, right-hand column, and mobile, and are billed based on Likes received.
10. Page Post Ads
Page Post Ads are probably the best way to engage users and redirect them to Facebook pages. This format allows advertisers to use any "object" they have already posted on their Facebook page and turn it into an ad.
Ads per page are limited to 120 characters. If your post text was longer than 120 characters, Facebook will only display the first 120 characters and add three small dots.

11. Offer Claim
Facebook offers are a relatively new format that allows local businesses to advertise coupon codes directly to potential customers. To access the discount code, fans must "claim" the offer by clicking on the appropriate button. Although they can create for free, their reach is limited if advertisers don't pay for them, by making them advertise site submissions, just like any other site post. If not promoted, offers appear only on a small proportion of fan news feeds. And their friends will only see it if the offer is redeemed.

On the ads, Facebook shows you the promotion title, description, time, number of people registered as well as your Fanpage name.
12. App Install Ads
With more than 22 million users in Thailand and more than 820 million users in Asia, Facebook offers an ever-growing pool of potential app users. App Install ads allow users to download your mobile app right away by connecting directly to your app's page in the Google Play Store, App Store, or Kindle Fire Store. This means that even if your target users are using more than one device, for example they switch from Android to iPhone, you can target them on both platforms.
The ads image contains the fanpage name, the application name, and a call-to-action button. When the user clicks on the ads, he will be redirected to the settings page of the application, game, .....
The Cost Per Install (CPI) is much higher when compared with blind networks (networks that don’t let advertisers know where their ads are displayed).
The CPI depends on the category of an app, like travel or gaming, but you can generally expect to pay up to $ 2 per user.

Above are the 12 most used forms of advertising on Facebook. If you are a small business and want to find potential customers, choose the form of advertising on Facebook. You will definitely be successful with one of the above types of Facebook ads.