Sapo application for managing Facebook Fanpage - making online sales easier

You are selling on Facebook, but do not know how to manage it effectively? Comment management, message management, fast order creation and processing, hiding comments, ... are the powerful features of management software to help you increase revenue, operate your business. Automating business makes managing and selling on social media more easily.

Sapo is an extremely effective software for sell on Facebook that helps you to solve all the above problems. Let's find out together!

1. What are the benefits of using Sapo application for managing Facebook fanpage?
1.1. Experience a smooth user interface

If the interface is difficult to use, it is difficult for the user to experience all the features available on the application.
Sapo application for managing Facebook fanpage has been upgraded in terms of interface and perfectly optimized for the user. The menu bar is designed simply and clearly with intuitive icons so that beginners can quickly grasp and manipulate easily in just a few minutes.

The search bar with smart suggestion feature helps you easily find information such as customer name, phone number or keywords in chat content...

Interface on the Sapo application for managing Facebook Fanpage

1.2. Receive messages and customer feedback in 5 seconds
When there is a need to buy 1 item on Facebook, buyers often have the habit of commenting or sending a message directly to the fanpage to ask about price, design, size or product advice, ...
This is the first impression of customers with the store, so how to receive and respond to customers' messages as quickly as possible is a question that many shops are still wondering.
When customers ask but you do not answer immediately, customers will tend to ask more other pages. So if you do not respond promptly, you will not only lose customers, but also give competitors potential customers.
On Sapo, when there is a new comment or message, you will receive a notification in your browser so that you can immediately reply to the comment or message of the customer, helping speed up interaction and reply customer.

1.3. Manage multiple fan pages on 1 tab
Sapo can help you to manage 3 fan pages at the same time in case you sell many products. You do not have to log out to switch accounts between fanpages. Every time a fanpage has a comment or an inbox, the fanpage management software will immediately notify you to promptly respond to customers. You can also easily see which page the message / comment is coming from with the icon displayed next to the comment / message or filter conversations individually.

1.4. Reply to comment, the message automatically
Before starting a business, you have wondered when the number of customers is too large, what sellers should do. When using facebook management software, you will find out that comments and inboxes of customers can still be answered even when you are not online. This is probably the most optimal solution to manage Facebook fanpage, especially during peak sales days.
Sapo application for managing Facebook fanpage allows you to compose messages or comments that will be automatically sent when customers inbox or comment on fanpage. This extremely useful feature is a valuable customer care tool as it will help you to serve customers 24/7.


Sapo application for managing Facebook fanpage to help reply comments & inbox automatically

In the conversation, you can easily create quick answer patterns, instead of having to type a sentence over and over again, you can create new frequently used sentence patterns and use keyboard shortcuts to quickly send sentence patterns.

1.5. Hide comments
In the current e-commerce scene, it's not hard to reaching potential customers because paid advertising is the path that most shops choose.
However, it's not only that, they also have to build many incentive programs, new discounts to attract the attention of customers.
Meanwhile, there are many shops stealing customers from competitors. These shops collect customer information from comments on many other fan pages and then offer their products. Many online businesses who don't use any fan page management software so don't know how to prevent and prevent this blatant robbery trick.
Fortunately, with the automatically hide comments feature on Sapo, you don't have to worry about losing clients.

Automatically comments hide feature of Sapo

Sapo offers you many ways to hide comments on Facebook. You can choose to hide all customer comments on fanpage or automatically hide comments that have contact information such as email, phone number and keywords. In addition, this feature also helps customers feel more secure when personal information is absolutely secure in case they leave information right in the comment.

1.6. Check stock and create orders right on the conversation
Customers already have a good impression, the next step is consulting and confirm the orders. Sapo will be helping you manage and confidently sell on Facebook.
Check the amount of inventory right in the conversation
Suppose a customer asks you ""Is size 36 blue shoe available?"" then you will have to open the application to check and notify the customer. However, on Sapo you can see the number of available items for sale on the dialogue screen. Just click on the "create order" icon, you will know how much inventory of each product, color, digital size, ... is left in stock.

Submit the order information form when the order is created
After consulting and closing the order, you can create an order right in the chat by clicking on the product to add to the cart. When the order is created successfully, 1 Product Templed will be automatically sent to the customer, including full information such as product photo, product name, price, description, ... so that customers can check their orders. Operation is extremely simple and professional like when you are selling at the store.

1.7. Automatic synchronization of orders on Sapo application for managing Facebook fanpage
Order information will be automatically synchronized to Sapo so you can continue the order-processing process neatly and quickly.

Besides, the Sapo app also allows you to filter the status of a message / comment as read or unread. You just have to go to the filter, then select the customer message / comment you want to check. This option is very useful when checking whether you missed messages or not, limit missed orders, which helps to increase your income.

After you have created the order successfully, Sapo will mark the processing status "Read" to categorize completed conversations. This will help you respond to customers and handle them quickly, definitively, and limit confusion.

1.8. Folow sales performance on Facebook with detailed reporting system

Sapo not only does a good job in managing and selling on Facebook, but also makes it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of this sales channel with a specialized reporting system.

  • Revenue Report: helps you track sales revenue on Facebook
  • Comment Report: track number of comments on Facebook
  • Message report: track the number of messages on Facebook

2. How to install Facebook sales channel to manage fanpage on Sapo?

Fanpage management feature will be integrated in Sapo, you can install and use completely free by going to the Facebook connection section or refer now: Instructions to connect and use Facebook sales channel on Sapo
If you do not have Sapo, you can completely download it for free here to immediately experience the Facebook management software and other features available on Sapo and check the effectiveness with your business now!
Get the free Sapo sales management software now!
Sapo is really an effective Facebook fanpage management application for those who choose Facebook to sell online. Hopefully, this article is a useful suggestion for managing your Facebook business.